Orphan Sponsorship Program

Orphan Sponsorship Program

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Change a Life . . . Change the World

Children are the hope of families, communities and nations. And, within the heart of every child, God has instilled the power to dream. But those dreams are often clouded by the ash and rubble of war, oppressive, urban poverty or the battering of illness and disease. Particularly vulnerable are those who are orphaned. With no mother or father to speak on their behalf, the orphan’s worth is often disregarded by the community.

Through Restore Hope, you can sponsor an orphan and bring hope, open doors and turn dreams into realities that change a life and a world . . . one child at a time.

It’s as easy as 1–2–3.

For just $1.23 a day, you can help a child achieve their potential through spiritual, relational, academic and whole-life support.

  • Food Supplementation – Orphans in the program receive a monthly food supplement of rice, oil, protein and vegetables to share with their caregiver family.
  • Educational Opportunity – Sponsorship provides tuition, school uniforms, books, fees, supplies and backpacks for each child.
  • Medical Care – Local Orphan Sponsorship Coordinators oversee local orphan communities, identifying and addressing medical issues as they arise.
  • Life Support – Each child in the program also receives items that dramatically improve their quality of life such as mattresses, mosquito nets, hygiene products, clothing and lamp oil.
  • Spiritual Nurture – Because the sponsorship program is implemented by local church pastors and believers, the orphans become a part of the faith community, and the caregiver family is served through the hands of that church. Sponsor dollars also provide a Bible for each child.

Beyond the practical is the relational.

We have seen the bond between the sponsor and orphan transcend cultural and distance barriers. As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to share reciprocal letters, photos, love and encouragement to a child who is eager to reciprocate that love. And, as a part of the larger sponsorship community, the children have the opportunity to attend camps, special events and celebrations. Simply put, the orphan goes from despair and loneliness to being a part of a new family of community.

Your personal investment can bring new hope today. Learn more about how you can be an Orphan Sponsor.

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