Our Mission

Our aim is to restore hope to individuals and communities worldwide through Christ-centered, church-based proclamation and service.

We are passionate about helping churches engage the world through healthy holistic ministries.

Our Story

Restore Hope is the trade name for a non-profit corporation founded in 2006 as GCPN Global Connection Partnership Network. The vision for this network was birthed in the minds and hearts of innovative pastors and mission leaders who had a strong conviction about the role of the church as the primary base for global witness. GCPN served as a centralized service provider to churches within the network. While the Modern Mission Era was characterized by the rise of mission societies, agencies and professional missionaries, the GCPN network emphasized a reclaiming of global cross-cultural engagement by local churches. GCPN focused on the church and its role as a sending base for workers and a place of partnership for indigenous leaders.

For a brief season, GCPN also utilized the trade name Kinexxus, - a brand name selected by a group of pastors within the network to emphasize the highly connected and relational nature of the churches involved in the network.

In 2009, GCPN leaders developed a second non-profit to serve as a ministry platform for humanitarian ministries worldwide. Project Restore Hope (PRH) was designed to offer a broad array of holistic ministries and was complementary to GCPN. PRH quickly engaged in ministries in developing nations in areas of healthcare, water resourcing, education, community development, technology transfer, literacy, agriculture and ministries to orphans and vulnerable children.

In the years that followed the two non-profits worked together to serve the ministry needs of churches in over 20 nations.

In 2014, an analysis of the church-based sending system, which included GCPN and Project Restore Hope, revealed overlap and duplication between the two non-profit corporations. With the goals of wise stewardship of resources and a more clearly defined mission, the two non-profits boards merged into one, dissolving the smaller PRH Restore Hope non-profit and maintaining the more robust GCPN. It was the decision of the unified board to operate under the trade name Restore Hope in the USA.

Restore Hope currently operates corporate offices in the USA, Sierra Leone and Ethiopia with employees and contractors serving across the world.


Our Services


Missional maturity for the local church is a process. We help the local-church develop and implement cross-cultural training in the church, sending church structure and processes, on-field strategy development, member care, and more.


Yes, you can! Churches can send their workers to the mission field by utilizing our array of services including financial management and accounting services, contracting, contingency management, and logistics.

We want to join you in taking the whole Gospel to the whole world!

Whole Gospel for the Whole World