North Texas Giving Day 2022

North Texas Giving Day 2022

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NTX Giving Day 2022

Increase the impact of your giving.

North Texas Giving Day is a special day set aside for people to come together and support North Texas non-profits. It is about strengthening old relationships and building new ones to make a positive difference.
But what makes this day really special is that every gift of $25 or more made that day through helps our chances of winning prizes given throughout the day, ranging from $500 to $5,000. Not only does this maximize your giving, it provides the extra funding we need to engage more local churches in life-changing, cross-cultural missions.
With your help, we WILL reach our fundraising goal on North Texas Giving Day!


Schedule your donation today.

Complete the donation form by clicking the link below and your donation will be processed on North Texas Giving Day, September 22nd! Please be sure to enter “Restore Hope” as the Organization Name when you complete the form. Thank you for your generosity!
To schedule your donation, please click HERE!

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