Orphan Education Program

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Orphan Education Program

Established: 2017

Improving the Educational Opportunities
of Orphans

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Chris Bowerman

Hi, I'm Chris Bowerman

I have served as the director of Restore Hope’s Orphan Sponsorship Program since its inception in 2009. I’ve been blessed to witness the impact sponsorship has made in the lives of more than 350 orphaned children and youth through the love and support of caring and faithful sponsors.

In 2017 Restore Hope launched the Orphan Education Program to provide resources to enhance the educational opportunities of orphans. We believe that future leaders, doctors, lawyers and pastors will come from the ranks of these orphans. Please consider becoming an education champion for the orphans today!

Kurt Knapton

Hi, I'm Kurt Knapton

After a trip to Sierra Leone, Africa, in June 2009, I helped to establish Restore Hope’s Orphan Sponsorship Program with orphans in need. As a volunteer, I’ve used my business and planning experience to help guide the program by assisting in the development of policies, procedures, technologies and funding structures.

In 2017 Restore Hope created the Orphan Education Program (OEP) to provide educational opportunities to orphans through: 1) after school tutoring, 2) vocational training, 3) college tuition and fees assistance. Through the OEP you can help secure the educational future of orphans!

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