Give water. Provide life.

IN ETHIOPIA, over 44,000,000 people do not have local access to water –  an essential element – in drinkable form. Every day families expend valuable time and resources trying to obtain water. The search for water decreases their available time to work, intensifying poverty and burdening their family. The water they do find often causes diarrhea and is the leading cause of death among infants and children under 5 years old. As a result, Ethiopia has one of the highest early childhood mortality rates in the world.

RESTORE HOPE works with community members to address their water and sanitation needs by drilling wells in communities, schools, and health centers. These wells not only improve health, but are catalysts for improved education and development.

DURING 2017-2020, Restore Hope plans to drill 51 community-based water wells that will result in 14,000 individuals having local and direct access to clean water.

THE COST per water well project is $12,000 and includes:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance training
  • Filtration systems
  • Latrines
  • Hygiene training to ensure individuals receive the full benefit of clean water

Water is a key sustainer of life. Providing clean drinking water to individuals and communities in Ethiopia is within our reach when we work together. Join us by selecting the donation option of your choice below. Thank you for your generous gift!

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Missional maturity for the local church is a process. We help churches implement cross-cultural service training, strategy development, and network with other churches for peer-to-peer mentoring.


Yes, you can! Churches can send their workers to the mission field by utilizing our array of services including financial management and accounting services, contracting, crisis management, logistics, and member care. 


Recognizing the interconnected nature of issues such as poverty, disease, and danger, we work with extremely vulnerable communities to implement responsible solutions that holistically address their needs and help them overcome disasters.

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