Youth and Children at Risk

funny kid (1280x956)To the children of today belongs the promise of tomorrow. They are precious and impressionable, fragile and fearless, innocent and mischievous. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me,” and had stern words for anyone who would dare bring harm to them. Unfortunately, too many children are abused, exploited, oppressed and never allowed to see their beautiful dreams become reality.

Restore Hope takes to heart the words of Jesus and the Apostle James in working to protect the dignity of children and preserve the promise of their lives to bring glory to God.

Chris and new girlOrphan Sponsorship

Through Restore Hope, you can sponsor an orphan’s education and provide for his or her basic needs while maintaining uplifting and inspiring correspondence that will change the child’s life. Your personal investment can bring new hope today! Learn more.


Orphan Care

kids (2)Children who have been abandoned or who have been subjected to practices such as child slave labor or sex trafficking need a refuge, a safe place to call home. Restore Hope provides that refuge by funding and/or operating orphanages and interim care centers with the objective to reunite healthy families.



Sierra Leone Aug 2012 767 (2)Caregiver Empowerment

Kinship and foster placements are common solutions for children who have lost their parents. However, single parents and adoptive or foster parents may have an abundance of love and a scarcity of resources to care for the child they are willing to shelter. Restore Hope offers opportunities for these caregivers to learn a trade or start a small business in order to provide for their growing families. This promotes a healthier environment for the child who has been recently added to the home.

Special Events

Restore Hope hosts occasional events such as youth camps and conferences that promote strong social bonds, provide wholesome entertainment, and address important topics for youth to make choices that lead to healthy, godly lives.

What can you do to help?

Click here to view all the Child Rescue Ministries that you can support and be a part of!

*Sierra Leone statistic: About 15% of all children are either orphaned or roaming the streets.

Our Services


Missional maturity for the local church is a process. We help the local-church develop and implement cross-cultural training in the church, sending church structure and processes, on-field strategy development, member care, and more.


Yes, you can! Churches can send their workers to the mission field by utilizing our array of services including financial management and accounting services, contracting, contingency management, and logistics.

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