Health Initiatives

Africa Niger 2005 031 (2) (768x1024)Providing access to basic healthcare can significantly improve a person’s quality of life and his/her prospects of overcoming poverty. In the poorest parts of the world, where daily activities such as drinking water and giving birth can result in serious illness or death, healthcare is a luxury that most cannot afford. In these same regions, the number of professionally trained healthcare professionals per capita is shockingly low. Thus, even when services are provided free of charge, they are extremely difficult to access.

Restore Hope promotes healthy communities by providing access to information, healthcare services, and professional training:

Community Health Education

Teaching community health education at the grassroots level is a great way to get basic information about health, nutrition, and hygiene into the households we serve. This empowers community members to take steps to prevent illness and hold one another accountable for public health matters such as the spread of disease and public sanitation.

dental clinic1 (3)Primary Health and Dental Care

Providing access to basic healthcare services such as prenatal, primary and dental care can be enough to prevent serious consequences from relatively minor health issues such as malaria and gum disease. Opening local clinics, keeping facilities stocked, and providing short-term volunteers are a few of the ways we participate in providing this first line of care.

Professional Training

Working in countries where medical professionals are scarce, we understand the value of investing in the capacity of the people who comprise the healthcare system whether by directly providing training or by providing access to it.

Our Services


Missional maturity for the local church is a process. We help the local-church develop and implement cross-cultural training in the church, sending church structure and processes, on-field strategy development, member care, and more.


Yes, you can! Churches can send their workers to the mission field by utilizing our array of services including financial management and accounting services, contracting, contingency management, and logistics.

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