Partner churches are sharing the whole gospel among the people in Honduras by training church leaders, planting new churches, helping break the cycle of poverty with a focus on education, along with sending volunteer teams on short-term mission trips.

The Lencas of Hondurashonduras-small

Honduras, with a population of over 8 million people, is located in Central America with the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the South. The Lencas are the largest of eight indigenous people groups in Honduras with an estimated population of 116,000. Our ministry efforts will be focused among the Lencas in the mountains of western Honduras.

slyker-3At one time the Lenca spoke their own language, but the with Spanish influence over time, that language has basically become extinct. Spanish is now the formal language of the country. A hospitable people, the majority of the men are farmers growing maize, beans, squash and coffee in milpas (small plots). The women are known for their quality pottery and woven crafts.

The Lenca's religious beliefs are a combination of Roman Catholicism and traditional beliefs in the spirits and nature. Access to education and medical care is scarce amid the extreme poverty.


Meet the Slyker Family

Richard and Bridget Slyker are preparing for full-time service with Restore Hope in Honduras. They have previously served in their local church and community through teaching, coaching, construction projects, and working with the youth. They also participated in various short-term mission trips all over Latin America. To learn more about the Slyker Family, visit their website.

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Meet the Perez Familyperez

Billy and Inez Perez are also preparing for full-time service with Restore Hope in Honduras. Billy is a well-established, artisan stone craftsman and ministers to local prisons. His passion is to continue to work with those in the prisons of Honduras through discipleship. Inez has spent years ministering to area families as a social worker. To learn more about the Perez Family, visit their website.

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We are excited to be serving these families and their home church and other network churches in the preparation involved in sending the Slyker and Perez families.

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